Immovable assets and landed property of the Archdiocese

  1. Immovable assets and landed property of the Archdiocese
    • Fixed Assets


The Archdiocese of Bamenda has the following immovable assets:


  • Buildings: Archbishop’s House, St. Clare’s Convent, St. Therese Convent and the Chalet, The Twelve Classrooms Building for the Catholic University, Bamenda.
  • The Buildings and equipment of the St. Blaise Clinic.
  • Office Equipment, the Library
  • The Machines and building of the Archdiocesan Bakery
  • The Machines of the Archdiocesan printing press
  • The Tools, Machines and building of the Archdiocesan Garage and Carpentry Workshop.
  • Stock: This item consists of about 108 items offered for sale at Archbishop’s House, mainly religious books, items of worship, and bookkeeping stationery.


  • Landed Property


  • Landed Property of all the 52 parishes and quasi parishes, and the institutions which belong to the Archdiocese of Bamenda;
  • Land around the Archbishop’s premises and the land of the Pastoral Centre;


  • Projects


The following Projects have been executed during the period of this report:


  • Archbishop’s House extension
  • Parish Hall at St. John the Baptist Parish, Ntaghem
  • New Primary school building at St. John the Baptist Parish, Ntagehm (storey building)
  • New Primary School building at All Saints Bayelle (Storey Bulding)
  • New Primary School Building at St Theresia’s Parish, Azire (storey building)
  • Construction of a new Primary school at Ngomgham, Sacred Heart Primary School.
  • Construction of a presbytery at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Nta’afi.
  • Renovation of the Catholic Primary school structures and Ngomgham Parish.
  • Additional classrooms and a New Storey building dormitory at Our Lady of Lourdes College, Mankon
  • Extension of the presbytery at St. Theresia’s Parish, Azire
  • New presbytery at All Saints Parish, Bayelle
  • Construction of a new church at Alatening, Akum Parish.
  • St Paul’s College auditorium
  • Renovaiton and extention of the Immaculate Conception Grotto, in the Cathedral
  • Renovation of the Cathedral Hall.
  • Girl’s Dormitory for St. Paul’s College, Nkwen
  • Maternity section and Laundry at St. Blaise Hospital.
  • Chapel and Hall at the Pastoral Center, Bamendankwe.
  • Construction of the St. Andrew’s Technical College
  • Perpetual adoration chapel at Azire Parish.
  • New Church building in Bawock, Bali-Nyonga Parish.
  • New Church Building in Mile 27, Ndop Parish
  • Our Lady of Fatima Health Centre, Nta’afi



The following Projects are being executed:

  • Joseph’s Primary School Big-Mankon Cathedral
  • Construction of a Home for retired and sick priests.
  • Joseph’s Guest House
  • CATUC main block
  • CATUC Hostels
  • Presbytery at St. Lucy’s Quasi Parish, Ntaturu.
  • Perpetual Adoration Chapel at Ngomgham
  • Presbytery in Akum Parish
  • Parish Hall in Bambili Parish
  • Fence around the Mission in Bali-Nyonga Parish
  • Presbytery in St. Francis of Assisi Quasi Parish Ntsewhi
  • Presbytery at the University Chaplaincy, Mbelem
  • Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, Bamenda