Due to the steady growth of the Christian population and the fact that the Archdiocese still has huge areas of primary evangelization, there is the urgent necessity to carve out new ecclesiastical circumscriptions in order to bring the Gospel to those who have not yet heard it, and to provide better pastoral care to the baptized.  Since the last Quinquennial Report, nine (9) new Parishes have been created:


  • Paul’s Quasi Parish, Ntahkekah – Nkwen
  • John Bosco’s Parish, Elemighong
  • Theresia’s Parish, Bamessing
  • Edmund’s Quasi Parish, Mulang
  • Gabriel’s Quasi Parish, Alamatu,
  • Francis of Assisi Quasi Parish, Ntsewhi,
  • John Bosco’s Quasi Parish, Bawum – Bafut
  • Our Lady of Africa Quasi Parish, Manda
  • Sacred Heart Quasi Parish, Santa Mbei


The Archdiocese of Bamenda, therefore, now has 39 Parishes and 13 Quasi Parishes, thus making a total of 52 ecclesiastical circumscriptions.


For easy pastoral administration, these Parishes and Quasi Parishes are distributed into 9 Deaneries. These Deaneries are: Akum, Azire, Bambui, Bayelle, Mankon, Ndop, Njinikom, Widikum and Wum. Each of them is headed by a Dean who is appointed by the Local Ordinary. The Deans help to arrange spiritual and pastoral activities at the Deanery Level and they report to the Presbyteral Council about the activities of their various deaneries.


MANKON DEANERY 1/ St. Joseph Parish, Mankon

2/ Queen of Peace Parish, Njimafor

3/ Our Lady of Fatima Quasi Parish, Nta’afi

4/ St. Lucy’s Quasi Parish, Ntaturu

5/ Francophone Community

6/ St. Francis Xavier’s Parish, Bali


AKUM DEANERY 1/ St. Pius X Parish, Akum

2/ Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Santa

3/ Sacred Heart Quasi Parish Santa Mbei

AZIRE DEANERY 1/ St. Teresa’s Parish, Azire

2/ St. Edmund’s Quasi Parish, Mulang

3/ St. Gabriel’s Quasi Parish, Alamatu

4/ Immaculate Conception Parish, Ngomgham

5/ Christ the King Parish, Ntambeng

BAMBUI DEANERY 1/ St. Peter’s Parish, Bambui

2/ Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Bambili

3/ St. Bernard’s Quasi Parish, Kedjom Keku

4/ St. Francis’ Quasi Parish, Ntsewhi

BAFUT DEANERY 1/ St. Joseph’s Parish, Bafut

2/ St. Patrick’s Parish, Njinteh

3/ St. Gabriel’s Parish Alamatu

3/ St. John Bosco’s Quasi Parish, Bawum

BAYELLE DEANERY 1/ All Saints Parish, Bayelle

2/ St. Michael’s Parish, Futru

3/ St. John the Baptist’s Parish, Ntahghem

4/ St. Paul’s Quasi Parish, Ntahkekah, Nkwen

4/ Our Lady of Africa, Manda

NDOP DEANERY 1/ Sts. Peter and Paul’s Parish, Ndop

2/ St. Patrick’s Parish, Babanki Tungo

3/ St. Mary’s Parish, Balikumbat

4/ St. Mark’s Parish, Baba I



Our Lady of Lourdes’ Parish, Njindom

Christ the King Quasi Parish, Mbengwi

St. Michael’s Quasi Parish,Njikwa

St. Paul’s Quasi Parish, Menka



1/ St. Anthony’s Parish, Njinikom

2/ Christ the King’s Parish, Fuli-Kom

3/ St. Jude’s Parish, Fundong

4/ St. Charles Borromeo’s Parish, Fuanantui

5/ St. Agnes’ Parish, Mbessa

6/ St. Therese’s Quasi Parish, Ilung

7/ St. Joseph’s Quasi Parish, Fonfuka

WIDIKUM  DEANERY 1/ St. Matthias’ Parish, Widikum

3/ St. Sebastian’s Parish, Batibo

4/ St. Joseph’s Parish, Teze

5/ St. Paul’s Quasi Parish, Menka

WUM DEANERY 1/ St. Martin de Porres Parish, Wum

2/ St. Gabriel’s Parish, Bafmeng

3/ St. Theresa’s Parish, Esu

4/ Holy Trinity Quasi Parish, Wum

5/ St. Paul’s Parish, Benakuma

6/ St. Clementine’s Quasi Parish, Yemghe